iTube Apk : Download Latest Version 3.8.10 for Android

If you are looking for an easy way to download your favorite videos from any video portal owned by Google and even want to make your own customized playlist on your android device, then iTube Android App is one of the best Android Apps available in the market. Being very easy to use, this app offers some of the remarkable features from saving the videos to creating your own playlist. Although its very easy to connect with the web and open the browser or YouTube App and watch and enjoy the videos but all these ways require an active and high-speed Internet connection and what when you don’t have any Internet connection, or your network is not available? 

iTube helps you watch and enjoy your favorite videos even without any Internet connection by enabling you to download it beforehand.

Even though there are many applications available in the market to download videos in Android device, iTube offers something more to its users. It is not any regular app and goes beyond the basic features of any YouTube downloader as it offers a complete multimedia player for its Android users. It enables its users to create their own playlists with the audio files from the downloaded videos. Users can listen to music while running the app in the background while performing other important tasks on their smartphone or tablet device. 

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Download & Install iTube Apk for Android:

iTube simply makes it possible to enjoy videos and music like never before. Just follow the below given steps and hack your favorite game right away:

  • Download iTube Apk for Android.
  • Install the downloaded file in your Android device.
  • Grant permission to proceed.
  • Now, you are all set to enjoy iTube and download endless videos and music in your device.

Steps to download videos & music from YouTube using iTube App:

It is very simple to create your own collection of videos and songs in your Android device using iTube, just follow the below-given instructions:

  • Search your favorite music video by its name or artist by typing it in the search engine or simply select your favorite song from the discover songs option from the recommended charts. It usually gives a variety of options like Top 100, Best Alternative, Blues, Hip-Hop, Rock, etc.
  • Select the song you want by clicking on its cover. It will start to play and if it’s the first time, it will show a pop-up notification telling you that the song is being downloaded for the first time.
  • By clicking the star icon to add the video in the queue to already existing playlist or you can even create a new one.
  • The clock tab shows all the videos you searched and played. It basically shows your history. This also shows that you can play these videos even offline.
  • It’s time to just select your favorite downloaded video and watch it or just hit the shuffle button and enjoy the never-ending journey of surprises with all your favorite songs.
  • The videos you play and therefore download cannot be found in the download folder of your cell phone. All videos are saved on the cache and therefore no need to worry if you find the app consuming more space.

iTube is much more than just a Youtube Video Downloader, it’s an overall entertainment experience. Download iTube for android right now and experience the hassle-free way enjoy your favorite music anywhere anytime even when you are offline.

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